We are an indipendent publisher based in Milan, born in 1994 as a monthly street paper dealing with social information. Now we publish 45 books per year. Our interests explore many and various worlds, from sustainable tourism to the discover of different cultures, encouraging their coexistence. We love telling stories, the hidden ones as well as the colorful ones for young and adults readers, and spread creativity through sustainable handmade creations with our craft books.
We also promote and organize Fa’ la cosa giusta!, the national fair of conscious consumption and sustainable lifestyles in Italy, held in Milan every March since 2004.



Rights Manager

Davide Musso
[email protected]


Percorsi – Walking guides

Ancient routes and modern itineraries for people who love travelling on foot and by bike. Born with the publication of the first Italian guide to The Way of St. James, this list has become a point of reference to walkers and passionate trekkers.
We have documented and tracked nearly 8000 kilometres, revealing an hidden beautiful Italy.
Plus, we publish books concerning with sustainable tourism, for curious people who want to go on holiday as travellers and not just as tourists.

Picture Books

Our illustrated books collection walk through different lines: great albums, with unforgettable stories and spectacular illustrations; ageless books, with a refined graphic style and a deep message; silent books, wordless stories that capture children and adults as well.

Craft Books

Craft and illustrated books for adults and children, that collects various sustainable projects. Proposals for getting in touch with nature in a new, conscious and funny way.


Green couisine, healthy recipes and curiosity about different cooking traditions are the main ingredients we search in these books. And the pleasure of conviviality as a great opportunity of knowledge, for adults and children.


Books promoting good and alternative practices of consumption, partecipation and aggregation. From the secrets to grow your own vegetable garden on the windowsill to the discover of the perfect bycicle that fits you, to the truth about the palm oil, a debatable ingredient that nowadays has invaded the food industry.


A list that highlights a new generation of Italian literary voices. In the last years this has been a springboard for talented authors. From Giorgio Fontana, winner of the Campiello Award 2014, to Giusi Marchetta and Paolo Cognetti.


Self help narrative guides, books that gather together a fiction story with the suggestions of a life-coach, for those searching answers concerning how to get better their life, transforming the crisis in an opportunity.