I bought an ebook or a pdf: where can i download it?

The link to download the virtual versions purchased on “Percorsi di Terre” is available in the mail titled “Il suo ordine presso Percorsi di Terre, eseguito il xxxx è stato portato a termine – può procedere con il download dei suoi file.”

You must be logged in with the username and password you choose when purchasing to download. The site automatically remembers the username and password if it is not to be reinserted.

In addition, all purchased pdfs are always available on the “My Account” page, which can be accessed from the main menu.

For any malfunction you can contact [email protected]

What formats do Percorsi di Terre Guides are available for?

The guides are available mainly in classic paper format. Some guides are also available in pdf or ebook format, and are explicitly indicated on the cover.