There are things that are only seen by traveling slowly. These are the stories, the details, the meetings.

Italy is a country to travel far and wide, through paths and historical routes, religious pilgrimages, or in search of evidence of work and civil commitment. Learn to know the paths in Italy on foot or by bike. Terre’s guides draw a map of our peninsula made of many paths to discover or rediscover suitable for everyone.

The Italian Walks of Terre di mezzo:

  1. La via degli Abati e del Volto Santo
  2. Toscana a piedi
  3. Italia Coast to Coast
  4. Di quì passò Francesco
  5. La Via di Francesco
  6. La via Lauretana
  7. Con le ali ai piedi
  8. Il cammino di San Benedetto
  9. Il cammino minerario di Santa Barbara
  10. La Magna Via Francigena