On the road with Saint Francis


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Traduzione di Leslie Ray

Seventeen days backpacking in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio, amid forests thousands of years old and valleys rich in art and history.
The first and only walkers’ guide to the “roads of St. Francis”, from the more well known places such as La Verna and Assisi to less famous yet equally fascinating ones, such as Montecasale or the Sacro Speco di Narni. An entire chapter is devoted to those who want to travel by bike.
All the information, the routes, the maps, the paths and all the fascinating places that absolutely must not be missed; how and when to set out, the difficulties, the distances in kilometres, where to sleep.
And for each stage, the fundamental events in Francis’ life taken from the original sources.

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350 km from La Verna, Gubbio, Assisi… as far as Rieti. By foot or by bike in the footsteps of Saint Francis, amid forests thousands of years old and valleys rich in art and history.

An itinerary to follow all in one go or in stages, by building an ad hoc route.

A guide for those who feel they are pilgrims or for those who simply want to walk to discover new paths and horizons.

5 thoughts on “On the road with Saint Francis

  1. Could you please let me know when the English version of the “On the Road with St. Francis” book will again be available? Many thanks!

  2. Si prevede che il libro “On the road with Saint Francis” sia di nuovo sdisponibile?
    Tra quanto? Lo vorrei regalare ad un’amica inglese.

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