The Mining Trail of Saint Barbara


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On foot in Sardinia amongst history and nature

A circular trail, which from Iglesias winds along tracks and paths followed by miners over 8000 years of history: from the Neolithic period to the 20th century.

Filled with useful information: when to leave, what to bring, maps, elevations, gradients, route details, where to sleep, what to see.

Moreover, the stories and accounts of those who worked in the mines.

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Giampiero Pinna
Giampiero Pinna, geologo, nel 2000-2001 ha guidato l’occupazione della miniera di Monteponi che ha portato all’istituzione del Parco geominerario storico e ambientale della Sardegna, riconosciuto dall’Unesco. Ha ideato il Cammino minerario di Santa Barbara.

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