The app with the digital guides of Terre di mezzo

The newly launched APP “I Percorsi di Terre di mezzo” collects the digital versions of the  guides of Terre di mezzo. Choose to travel light! Taking with you the digital edition of our guides, you will be provided with the same contents published in the paper version. Thanks to geo-location, at any time you can check your direction, go back to the correct path or find the most convenient alternative way.

The description of the walk is marked on the map by the many waypoints and icons that indicate accomodation facilities  and the most beautiful places to visit: if you are off the road, or if you want to reach a waypoint, just click on the icon and, by browsing on Google maps,  find out how to get there. The map is available for consultation offline as well.

The guides can be purchased directly from the app, by going to the EDICOLA section. Currently available in english:

  • The Via Francigena
  • The way of St Benedict

In italian:

  • La Via Francigena
  • Il Cammino di Santiago
  • Toscana a piedi
  • La Via degli dei

Download from Google Play Store

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16 thoughts on “The app with the digital guides of Terre di mezzo

  1. The download of this app in English is not clearly defined. Given the fact that it is new and without any reviews makes me wonder if there is enough transparency to support the potential users.

  2. I’ ve downloaded the app and used it, and it works great. Only think is, I received an email saying the ‘Coast to Coast’ guide is on the app, but I don’t see it. The route I would love to see is the Cammino di Assisi.

  3. Hello…in 2020 September, I will walk from Great St Bernards to rome
    Can you tell me please when the next edition of the guidebook(in English) will become available. Current edition is 2017/2018 and will be 2 years out of date at the time I travel
    thankyou and regards
    david Malcolm(Australia)

    1. Hi do you mean the digital version or the paper version? That paper is possible, the digital one cannot guarantee it

  4. Hello, I bought the download version form Cammini di San Benedetto. (In the app Terra di Mezzo), but I like to have the digital version not in the app but on my computer. Is that possible?

  5. Hello I walked the Via Francigena with the help of your excellent guide. I downloaded the waypoints from your site and they were a great help. I’m now planning my next walk – the way of st Benedict. I’ve bought the book – are waypoints available for this too? Thanks

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