“The Via Francigena” travel guide English edition (available in Ebook)

Since the Middle Ages, Rome is, for Christianity, one of the most important pilgrimage destinations, together with Santiago de Compostela and the Holy Land (the so called “peregrinationes maiores”). The route from France to Rome, through Val di Susa and Moncenisio, was named “Francigena”.

Even nowadays, thousands are walking the Francigena way towards Rome, motivated by their faith but also simply in search of a slow travel experience throughout ancient villages and breathtaking landscapes.

The brand new English edition of the guide by Terre di mezzo is the result of 11 years experience and 5 Italian editions already published. The authors Franco Cinti e Monica d’Atti are indeed among the first to discover the via Francigena and make it the well-known route it is today.

The guide includes tips, maps, accommodation opportunities and locations of interest. It is available in e-book and movi format (compatible with the most commonly used e-readers). If ordered directly from our e-shop, the guide will allow also free download of the complete and updated GPS tracks, plus the map sketches and all the distances of the itinerary: that is all you need, to get ready for the route.


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