Franco Cinti, Monica d'Atti

Guide to the Via Francigena


Traduzione di Leslie Ray

In 38 stages, the route of the ancient Via Francigena, from Montgenèvre to Rome.

A unique and complete guide book which rediscovers the whole itinerary walked by Europeans for centuries, from Piedmont to Lazio through Lombardy, Emilia and Tuscany. With a detailed everyday description of the route, maps, mileage, accommodation and places of interest.

Everyone can chose his own tailored-itinerary, depending on energy and time available; any stage is the fragment of a single route crossing astonishing landscapes, surrounded by history and tradition.

If ordered directly from our e-shop, the guide will allow also free download of the complete and updated GPS tracks, plus the map sketches and all the distances of the itinerary: that is all you need, to get ready for the route.

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The authors Franco Cinti e Monica d’Atti are indeed among the first to discover the Francigena and make it the well known route it is today. Other titles by the same authors : The Via Francigena. Cartography and GPS, La Via Francigena del Sud, La Via della Costa, all published by Terre di mezzo Editore.

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